Thursday, October 8, 2015


So, I haven't posted anything for a while, as you probably can see.
The reason is not that I don't have time to read, but my lack of motivation.
I could say that I am really busy with various things I still have to do (I recently got two cats :3), but that's not the case. I really just sleep all day long (if I have the time) and I am not able to stay awake (my couch is just toooo comfortable!)

So please, just bear with me and wait for my motivation to come back! It won't take too long, I promise :3

Thursday, May 14, 2015

King Cave, Scarlett Dawn (Forever Evermore Series Book 2)

So, I just recently wrote the review for the first book of the series and kinda liked it (somehow), so I immediately bought the second book and started reading. So far so good, and I finally got to know wether Lily and Ezra got together!

I personally think that the cover of the second book is as expressive as the cover of the first book. I mean, things change, there's no castöe in the background but it looks like the girl is sitting in a cave, and she has a tiara on her head. When you've read the book you do get why they did these little changes, but overall, it's not really impressive. Just like the cover of the first book.

I totally forgot to mention the revolution of the coms (= normal human beings) which is going on in the first book already, even though it was quite important for the progress of the story. Some of you might wonder: why would she forget such an important detail?
Well, the reason is simple. The plot is almost non-existent in the books. Yeah, there are some attacks, and they had to change locations because of them and lots and lots of Mysticals died, but that's it! Most of the time, Lily and Ezra try to figure out if they want to bang each other or not!
The other two secondary characters, Jack and Pearl, are still existent, but they actually have no function whatsoever. They move and occasionally talk but they do nothing to productive at all. It just seems like they only keep on moving because they were important in the first book. They're actually unnecessary.

In general, it felt like Scarlett Dawn used up all of her creativity in the first book, unnecessarily lengthens the story in the second book with quarrels between Lily and Ezra. I did enjoy the relationship between the two, but I missed the storyline. When the story finally progressed, Dawn used up a lot of clichés. I could not bear to finish the book, and that happens only rarely!
I might finish it at some point in the future, but probably not right now. I also don't know whether I'll go buy the following books.
And I normally like it when the authors focus on the relationship between the protagonist and his or her love interest, but this was just too much.

Do I recommend this book?
Truth be told, I actually don't. This was just too little story and too many unnecessary pages. I'm normally not a person to be bothered by it, but this was just too much.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

King Hall, Scarlett Dawn (Forever Evermore Series Book 1)

So, I recently started reading the forever evermore series. That’s why I really had to write a review! I mean, my reviews are really not that good at the moment, but that only makes me want to write even more reviews, in order to get better. I hope you’re all looking forward to my improvements! (Somehow, I feel really Asian right now :D)

Now, without further ado, here I go xD

I thought that the cover looked nice, but after heaving read the book, I didn't think it had much to do with its content. But it is nice to look at :b

Most of the story takes place at King Hall, which is the school where all the Mysticals (Mys in short) gather, in order to learn their crafts. And when we talk about Mys, there are only for races, so to speak: Elements, Mages, Shifters and Vampires. I guess they are pretty self-explanatory. In that world, there is always one King or Queen existent for each fraction, meaning that there are always four rulers present, who have to work together, in order to perform the Awakening Ceremony. In simple words, that’s the ceremony in which the powers of each individual awaken (great definition here :D)

Our Protagonist, Lily Ruckler, is the soon to be Queen of the Shifters. That would normally be an honor, but our dear Lily has a secret: not only is she a Shifter, she is also a Vampire, making her a Hybrid. Hybrids are not common in that society; they are being killed at birth since mixing among the races is forbidden. She has to hide her true nature in order to survive.
Lily is a really headstrong character, but I really rooted for her. The whole book is written from her perspective, making it easier for the reader to understand her thinking. She already has to overcome obstacles from the beginning of the book and unsurprisingly, she does so (I mean, the core of romantic fantasies mostly stays the same, so it is obvious. And it’s a whole series, so she has to survive :D). But she wouldn’t have come that far without her really awesome friends, the other soon to be King and Queens (or Prodigies) of the other races.

Ezra Zeller, the Vampire Prodigy, is described as a very muscular man. And that’s rare for a Vampire, since they are normally lean, and not bulky. Lily often mentions his striking green eyes I’d die to see in real life (I really like green eyes :D)
There’s not really much to say about Ezra, only that he’s a quiet, young and powerful vampire (all Prodigies are quite powerful) and also later on one of the best friends of Lily. Both of them are really touchy-feely with each other, which had me wonder if they might become a couple at some point in the series. I mean, all four of them were really into touching each other it seems, but those two were a whole other story.

Pearl Cooper it the Mage Prodigy. She is often described as doll like, even though she is like six feet tall. I personally feel like, “the taller the woman, the more she reminds me of an amazon,” but that’s just my opinion :D
She also has golden hair and golden eyes, seemingly typical for mages, and of course she is also really powerful, being a Prodigy and all. Not much to say about her either, only that she is the first female to become the ruler of the mages.

Jack Collins, the Elemental Prodigy, is a Water Elemental. He is also a playboy. He is also a very upbeat character who always sticks up for his three besties. And of course he is powerful as hell.

As I was writing the different character descriptions, I noticed that the characters are mostly pretty one-dimensional. Well, all but Lily. I understood her pretty well, and since it was all written from her perspective, she felt more alive than the rest of her friends.
I’m not saying that this book is badly written, but you should only read it if you are willing to ignore some plot holes or one-dimensional characters. While you’re at it, they don’t seem all too boring, but you really shouldn’t think about them any further.
And even though this is not one of the best books I’ve read so far, I still went on and bought the second book of the series (I just had to know if Lily and Ezra got together!)

Do I recommend this book?
I do, but only to people who can ignore the flaws of this book. It is actually nicely written, but there were also moments in which I thought, “why are you doing this? You could have written it differently!”

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book before I started writing this review :D

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Neverland, Anna Katmore (Book 1)

As the name suggests, this book is about Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the Lost Boys. Of course. The cover of the book shows a pair at the top, a fairy and a ship in the center and a mermaid at the bottom. There is also an island in the background, which seems to be Neverland. All of it is mostly held in blue and I personally think it’s beautiful. And that is one reason why I bought it :)

Or female protagonist is Angelina McFarland, also called Angel, a 17-year-old girl that adores her baby twin sisters and occasionally watches them for her parents on the weekends. When she stands on her balcony, she accidentally slips and falls right into the world of Neverland. Before she crashes into the ground Peter, who just happens to be close by, catches her. He then introduces her to the Lost Boys and Tameeka, the Tinkerbell substitute, and wants to make her the very first Lost Girl. But Angel has different plans, she wants to return home as fast as possible, since she seems to be forgetting more and more of her origin and her family.

James (Jamie) Hook, the ugly and mean pirate, is actually not as ugly and mean as they say. He is quite attractive (of course he has to be, he is the love interest! :b). He finds Angel in the harbor town of Neverland and takes her to his ship, only revealing that he is the captain when it’s too late for her to leave it (yeah, I would always go to a suspicious ship as long as the person taking me there is handsome :D).

Peter Pan is a really childish boy who never wants to grow up. Ever. I personally think staying in puberty forever has to suck, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe he even likes it.
He is the first person to meet Angel in Neverland and he grows really fond of her in no time. When she urges him to help her find a way home, he just leaves her in the jungle (that’s the way to go, boy!).

Truth be told, I was really fond of Jamie. When I read the book, the male protagonist is almost more important to me than the female protagonist (I wonder why… ;-)).
Needless to say, I really liked this book, the story was nicely written and I was really absorbed into it. I devoured it within a day and couldn’t wait for the second book, since the first one ends with a really mean cliffhanger.

I really recommend this book to everyone who wants a little bit of magic (and Jamie!) :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinder & Ella, Kelly Oram

This book was really touching and one of the main reasons for me to start this blog. I really liked Ella and felt with her, sometimes I even shed some tears :D
So, here is my very first review, I hope it's not too bad!

The protagonists of this book are already named in the title. Well, of course their names are not actually Cinder and Ella but Brian Oliver and Ellamara Rodriguez respectively. They got to know each other on Ella's blog Ella's Words of Wisdom where she writes reviews, but they specifically started writing (or arguing) over the review of their favorite book series The Cinder Chronicles.

Ella is the average 18 year old girl. She's not ugly, has friends and also occasionally a boyfriend. She loves reading and writing reviews for books. Up until the car accident, in which she lost her mother and burned about 70 percent of her body, she lived with her mom in a small apartment in Boston. After the accident, she had to move in with her father and his family in California. She doesn't seem to be welcome there but she won't let that get her down.
I thought it was really impressive how she managed to live on her life, even though she had to suffer incredible loss. It was really admirable and everytime she crumbled, I suffered with her and I even started to cry sometimes.

Brian is the typical Hollywood celebrity who tries to establish himself in the world of entertainment. His first big role is the role of Prince Cinder of The Cinder Chronicle's first  book, The Druid Prince. In order to be taken seriously, he has to agree to a fake engagement to his co star Kaylee (and there is the obstacle to our love story!).
Brian is a confident and arrogant young man who actually knows what he wants but still does what the others tell him to do in order to reach his goal. He loves writing emails to Ella and arguing about their different points of view. I really adored this character, since I love arrogant male protagonists, I don't know why but I just really like them :D

Of course there were a lot of secondary characters, especially Ella's stepsisters and best friends. They were really interesting but I felt like they are missing some depth to their character, do you know what I mean? I really hope so :D
This kind of story (boy likes girl, girl likes boy, but there is at least one obstacle they have to overcome) is really common, but it was written so beautifully, I sometimes even forgot that it was some kind of retelling of the Cinderella story :D
In the end, I really loved this book and recommend it to anyone who loves romances and a bit of drama!

Hello there!

Well, this is the first time for me to start a blog, so please don't be too hard on me :DSo, what's the plan?
I want to write reviews for books or just share some thoughts with you, but I have to warn you, since I am a really weird person, my thoughts are just as weird as me :D
And I am a native German, so I might have some errors in my texts, please be kind and just ignore them, I'm really trying my best here :D
I hope you enjoy your time on my blog :)