Thursday, May 7, 2015

Neverland, Anna Katmore (Book 1)

As the name suggests, this book is about Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the Lost Boys. Of course. The cover of the book shows a pair at the top, a fairy and a ship in the center and a mermaid at the bottom. There is also an island in the background, which seems to be Neverland. All of it is mostly held in blue and I personally think it’s beautiful. And that is one reason why I bought it :)

Or female protagonist is Angelina McFarland, also called Angel, a 17-year-old girl that adores her baby twin sisters and occasionally watches them for her parents on the weekends. When she stands on her balcony, she accidentally slips and falls right into the world of Neverland. Before she crashes into the ground Peter, who just happens to be close by, catches her. He then introduces her to the Lost Boys and Tameeka, the Tinkerbell substitute, and wants to make her the very first Lost Girl. But Angel has different plans, she wants to return home as fast as possible, since she seems to be forgetting more and more of her origin and her family.

James (Jamie) Hook, the ugly and mean pirate, is actually not as ugly and mean as they say. He is quite attractive (of course he has to be, he is the love interest! :b). He finds Angel in the harbor town of Neverland and takes her to his ship, only revealing that he is the captain when it’s too late for her to leave it (yeah, I would always go to a suspicious ship as long as the person taking me there is handsome :D).

Peter Pan is a really childish boy who never wants to grow up. Ever. I personally think staying in puberty forever has to suck, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe he even likes it.
He is the first person to meet Angel in Neverland and he grows really fond of her in no time. When she urges him to help her find a way home, he just leaves her in the jungle (that’s the way to go, boy!).

Truth be told, I was really fond of Jamie. When I read the book, the male protagonist is almost more important to me than the female protagonist (I wonder why… ;-)).
Needless to say, I really liked this book, the story was nicely written and I was really absorbed into it. I devoured it within a day and couldn’t wait for the second book, since the first one ends with a really mean cliffhanger.

I really recommend this book to everyone who wants a little bit of magic (and Jamie!) :)

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