Thursday, May 14, 2015

King Cave, Scarlett Dawn (Forever Evermore Series Book 2)

So, I just recently wrote the review for the first book of the series and kinda liked it (somehow), so I immediately bought the second book and started reading. So far so good, and I finally got to know wether Lily and Ezra got together!

I personally think that the cover of the second book is as expressive as the cover of the first book. I mean, things change, there's no castöe in the background but it looks like the girl is sitting in a cave, and she has a tiara on her head. When you've read the book you do get why they did these little changes, but overall, it's not really impressive. Just like the cover of the first book.

I totally forgot to mention the revolution of the coms (= normal human beings) which is going on in the first book already, even though it was quite important for the progress of the story. Some of you might wonder: why would she forget such an important detail?
Well, the reason is simple. The plot is almost non-existent in the books. Yeah, there are some attacks, and they had to change locations because of them and lots and lots of Mysticals died, but that's it! Most of the time, Lily and Ezra try to figure out if they want to bang each other or not!
The other two secondary characters, Jack and Pearl, are still existent, but they actually have no function whatsoever. They move and occasionally talk but they do nothing to productive at all. It just seems like they only keep on moving because they were important in the first book. They're actually unnecessary.

In general, it felt like Scarlett Dawn used up all of her creativity in the first book, unnecessarily lengthens the story in the second book with quarrels between Lily and Ezra. I did enjoy the relationship between the two, but I missed the storyline. When the story finally progressed, Dawn used up a lot of clichés. I could not bear to finish the book, and that happens only rarely!
I might finish it at some point in the future, but probably not right now. I also don't know whether I'll go buy the following books.
And I normally like it when the authors focus on the relationship between the protagonist and his or her love interest, but this was just too much.

Do I recommend this book?
Truth be told, I actually don't. This was just too little story and too many unnecessary pages. I'm normally not a person to be bothered by it, but this was just too much.

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