Tuesday, May 12, 2015

King Hall, Scarlett Dawn (Forever Evermore Series Book 1)

So, I recently started reading the forever evermore series. That’s why I really had to write a review! I mean, my reviews are really not that good at the moment, but that only makes me want to write even more reviews, in order to get better. I hope you’re all looking forward to my improvements! (Somehow, I feel really Asian right now :D)

Now, without further ado, here I go xD

I thought that the cover looked nice, but after heaving read the book, I didn't think it had much to do with its content. But it is nice to look at :b

Most of the story takes place at King Hall, which is the school where all the Mysticals (Mys in short) gather, in order to learn their crafts. And when we talk about Mys, there are only for races, so to speak: Elements, Mages, Shifters and Vampires. I guess they are pretty self-explanatory. In that world, there is always one King or Queen existent for each fraction, meaning that there are always four rulers present, who have to work together, in order to perform the Awakening Ceremony. In simple words, that’s the ceremony in which the powers of each individual awaken (great definition here :D)

Our Protagonist, Lily Ruckler, is the soon to be Queen of the Shifters. That would normally be an honor, but our dear Lily has a secret: not only is she a Shifter, she is also a Vampire, making her a Hybrid. Hybrids are not common in that society; they are being killed at birth since mixing among the races is forbidden. She has to hide her true nature in order to survive.
Lily is a really headstrong character, but I really rooted for her. The whole book is written from her perspective, making it easier for the reader to understand her thinking. She already has to overcome obstacles from the beginning of the book and unsurprisingly, she does so (I mean, the core of romantic fantasies mostly stays the same, so it is obvious. And it’s a whole series, so she has to survive :D). But she wouldn’t have come that far without her really awesome friends, the other soon to be King and Queens (or Prodigies) of the other races.

Ezra Zeller, the Vampire Prodigy, is described as a very muscular man. And that’s rare for a Vampire, since they are normally lean, and not bulky. Lily often mentions his striking green eyes I’d die to see in real life (I really like green eyes :D)
There’s not really much to say about Ezra, only that he’s a quiet, young and powerful vampire (all Prodigies are quite powerful) and also later on one of the best friends of Lily. Both of them are really touchy-feely with each other, which had me wonder if they might become a couple at some point in the series. I mean, all four of them were really into touching each other it seems, but those two were a whole other story.

Pearl Cooper it the Mage Prodigy. She is often described as doll like, even though she is like six feet tall. I personally feel like, “the taller the woman, the more she reminds me of an amazon,” but that’s just my opinion :D
She also has golden hair and golden eyes, seemingly typical for mages, and of course she is also really powerful, being a Prodigy and all. Not much to say about her either, only that she is the first female to become the ruler of the mages.

Jack Collins, the Elemental Prodigy, is a Water Elemental. He is also a playboy. He is also a very upbeat character who always sticks up for his three besties. And of course he is powerful as hell.

As I was writing the different character descriptions, I noticed that the characters are mostly pretty one-dimensional. Well, all but Lily. I understood her pretty well, and since it was all written from her perspective, she felt more alive than the rest of her friends.
I’m not saying that this book is badly written, but you should only read it if you are willing to ignore some plot holes or one-dimensional characters. While you’re at it, they don’t seem all too boring, but you really shouldn’t think about them any further.
And even though this is not one of the best books I’ve read so far, I still went on and bought the second book of the series (I just had to know if Lily and Ezra got together!)

Do I recommend this book?
I do, but only to people who can ignore the flaws of this book. It is actually nicely written, but there were also moments in which I thought, “why are you doing this? You could have written it differently!”

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book before I started writing this review :D

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